It All Starts WIth the Spice

  • Our healthy recipe for tastier meals. That’s right… spice it up some and you will taste that fact! foods prepared with our custom spice blens, deliver consistently higher quality, better tasting food!
  • This means great food to experience with family and friends. Add a little spice, it just makes for a healthier life!
  • We have rubs for every season. It’s not just for summer and BBQ season. We have created an entire special edition line for wild game and big game. Our wilderness edition and fish rubs, along with the garden seasoning and our turkey rub, create sales trends throughout the year.
  • It doesn’t matter where in the United States that you live, we have a flavor for every single meat, fish and vegetable that is common to that region. As seasons change and the indoor cooking takes the stage, we cater to slow cooker style and conventional style home cooking methods.
  • More flavor and less salt. All natural Ingredients. like the consumer says “I can pronounce ALL of the INGREDIENTS on your label.” We are focused on quality, convenience and education about our brand.
  • Regional Diversity, Seasonal Diversity, Very Low Salt, and Brand Messaging. Our products are 80% flavor and 20% or less salt while other brands are 20% flavor and 80% salt. We represent a healthy trend, You will NEVER find Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Soy, Dairy or Caffeine in a Wing-A-Lings Brand, EVER!


What Our Rubs Offer You!

  • Authentic Cuisine-foods prepared with our custom spice blends, deliver consistently higher quality, better tasting food
  • Fresh Ingredients-No artifical colors or additives & all natural and fresh ingredients with all of our rubs and sauce.
  • Tasty Meals-Our rub doesn’t just spice up wings but can range from fish, burgers and more .